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The Best Newsletter Yet

Vol. 14

Happy Saturday Besties,

This weekend is a major GDP-generator — it’s Cinco de-Berkshire-Gala-Derby Weekend. Here’s the lineup:

  • Cinco de Mayo: More beer will be consumed on the 5th than on St. Patrick’s Day. (Sunday)

  • Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Meeting: And it’s getting romantic... no, really. (Saturday)

  • The Met Gala: The theme is ”Sleeping Beauties Reawakening Fashion” and Zendaya is co-chair. (Monday)

  • The 150th Kentucky Derby —  The race officially starts at 6:57pm ET… and it’s less than 2 minutes, so don’t get up for round 2. (Saturday)

So “Happy Cinco de-Berkshire-Gala-Derby Weekend” to all those who celebrate.

This week’s newsletter is 15% of the best of the pod and 85% things we had to share off the record. 

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1 stock making moves

Photo credit: Business Wire

🔺 Carvana stock surged 34% on Thursday after what the CEO & CFO called “the best financial results in company history” from their Q1 earnings. Nbd.

  • ⛽️ The numbers: The stock is Up 1500% in the past year. Full stop.

  • ⛽️ For context: Carvana is an online-only “car vending machine” for pre-owned cars. You search the car you want on the website, and they’ll drive it to you OR you can find the vending machine-like tower you can pick it up from.

  • ⛽️ Something fun: The Tempe, Arizona-based company was founded by a father-son duo, Ernie Garcia II & Ernie Garcia III. Their stock’s comeback surge has pumped up their net worth by $11 billion from the stock’s 2022 low, when they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

The *best visual from the week

Non-farm payrolls (aka jobs), added from a month earlier.

Graphic credit: The Wall Street Journal

Yesterday was Jobs Report Friday in April, the US economy added the fewest jobs than it had in 6 months at 175K (in March we added 300K).

  • But there’s hope… Stocks surged despite the lower-than-expected jobs growth because to stop inflation we need to slow the economy.

  • So this was a Goldilocks Report 👧 It feels awkwardly counter-intuitive, but investors hope that with fewer jobs added, the Fed will cut rates sooner, which would boost the economy and stock market more in the long run.

🥬 Marijuana is being reclassified at the federal level from really bad drug to… not so bad drug — It’s weed’s biggest moment since 4/20/2020 at 4:20:20pm PT.

  • What this means practically: This reclassification lets cannabis companies (in states where it’s legal) write off biz expenses for taxes. Right now, they basically pay a ~70% federal income tax rate — which makes profiting nearly impossible.

  • What this means symbolically: It shifts the national image on cannabis. Senate Dems even introduced a bill last week to decriminalize it nationwide.

  • Cannabis stocks surged as much as 90%, but weed isn’t out of the weeds yet. It still can’t be sold across state lines and banks won’t open accounts because it’s still federally illegal. So TSA may still confiscate your CBD Twizzlers.

Last week we asked: Would you care if TikTok got banned? Most of you said “no”. Here are some of your responses…

  • 📚 “Where will I get my latest book recommendations??? #booktok”

  • 🧐 It's complicated…I don't know how to feel about a government that can dictate a ban of any tech.”

This week’s poll question: Bumble just un-Bumbled itself with a big pivot — allowing men to make the first move. So we’re wondering…

Did you make the "first move" in your present or most recent relationship? 🍯

Did you make the "first move" in your present or most recent relationship?

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1 thing we read (and think you should too)

To Sleep Better, Change What—and When—You Eat was an article we noticed in the WSJ. They interviewed sleep scientists on ways to boost your sleep big-time. Here’s what we got out of it.

  • Your meal times & food choices: Crucial. Eating earlier is recommended (2-3 hrs before bed) so your stomach isn’t working up a sweat during wind-down time. But also following a Mediterranean diet is linked to better sleep health.

  • Like Mama said, have milk: A study showed that people who drank milk with honey before bed, slept better. In fact, people who generally consume milk have higher quality sleep. And according to Nick’s barista this week, whole milk is having a moment (we got judged for an oat milk double-digit latte)…

  • And for fun, the ideal meal for sleep — according to one of the sleep scientists — is a “mushroom omelet with a side salad topped with flaxseed & walnuts.” Eggy shrooms, then 💤💤💤.

1 fact ya gotta know

Chart credit: Sportico

 🐎 Flat: While human running speed has improved, Kentucky Derby horses have not gotten faster in decades.

  • Since 1960, there’s been no significant change in the times of the winning horses.

  • In fact, the avg Kentucky Derby winner in the 2010s ran a tad slower than the avg winner from the 1960s.

  • Legendary stallion Secretariat set the record wayyy back in 1973. That record is a half-century old now.

Reply if you have thoughts on why humans are still getting faster every year (the fastest marathon record was set in 2023) but horses don’t. And don’t blame it on Gen Z horses.

1 insight to share with your Bestie

How to get paid more: Leave your job.

  • In the last 25 years, people who switched jobs were paid 1% more/ year than those who stayed (acc. to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • That's a huge difference for a 40-year career. And it’s a driving reason the FTC just banned non-competes. They estimate American workers will make $300B more/ year as a result.

  • Because freedom to work wherever is leverage. And your boss will pay you more to stay. The threat that you could leave is THE REASON you’ll ever get a raise…

👀 And here’s our full story about why we’re #TeamNoNonCompete.

We think we made our point in the intro.

Jump in TBOY-style to our daily podcast (we’ve got video)

👂 Monday: The best pivot for Whirlpool…is boujee at-home barista coffee

👂 Tuesday: The best way to make more $$$…is to leave your job

👂 Wednesday: The best strategy for doomed cities…is found in Detroit

👂 Thursday: The best way to fight climate change…is poop

👂 Friday: The best way to workout… is with a cult (Barry’s cult 🪩)

👀 Monday: The best explanation… for Apple’s worst earnings report. Profits fell, the stock rose. We break down why.

And one more thing. Jack just had a major #lifegoal win — he closed on a ski chalet. Word is: he’s cooking up burritos for Cinco de Mayo / celebrating the wins. If ya want his details, reply SKI BURRITO to this email.

And for the 36th straight year, Nick just confirmed with his dentist no cavities (the streak continues).

Celebrate all the things this weekend,


—Nick & Jack

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