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The Best Newsletter Yet

Vol. 6

Happy Saturday Besties,

Tonight is Daylight Savings, so we’re all going to lose an hour of sleep….

…so we’re helping you sleep by dropping our 1st snooze-worthy podcast. We’re reading aloud Amazon’s annual report from 1997 — a real sleeper. Check out the pod feed and let us know how far you make it before hitting Zzzzzzz.

Since time is scarce this weekend, we have an iPhone hack for shortcuts:

  • Open Settings

  • Scroll down to “Accessibility”

  • Find “Touch”

  • Scroll down and tap “Back Tap”

  • You’ll see two options: “Double Tap” and “Triple Tap”

  • Each lets you tell your phone to do something when you tap its back twice or 3 times. Thanks WSJ. 

Like this —

Then this —

Boom. There’s your hour back.

This week’s edition is 30% of the best of the pod and 70% things we had to share off the record. 

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  • 🔔 Cetaphil: The parent company of the moisturizer that recently had Gen-Z obsessed has plans to IPO in March. Last year it did $4B in sales, so it’d be the biggest IPO of the year.
    🔺 Gold: There’s a rush on Wall Street with gold prices hitting an all-time high. Gold wanted to steal some of Ben the Bitcoin’s shine.

  • 🔺 Abercrombie is up 59% in 2024 (after rising 283% in 2023). The cool-again clothing stock even beat Nvidia (the talk of the town) in growth last year.

That made us stand up and sit back down.

  • RIP Appliances: Spending on appliances jumped 43% in the last decade, yet prices declined 12%. What’s that mean? Our appliances are breaking early (often because of overly techy features), so we have to buy new ones more frequently. Dear appliance, do less. Do I really need to preheat my oven remotely while commuting home?

  • Totes In: Sales of the LL Bean tote bag surged 35% sales since January. And the Boat and Tote’s 80th birthday is this year.

  • 22: It’s Caitlin Clark’s fave number. The all-time NCAA basketball scoring leader was born on 1/22/2002, she wears the #22 and she is 22. And she’s Nick’s bday buddy.

  • The big viral Indian wedding: Everyone was there last weekend, including Bill Gates, Ivanka Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Mark Zuckerberg. It was for the heir to the richest man in Asia.

    • The detail we didn’t include on the pod: The Family lives in a 27-story apartment building. The whole building is worth $5B. It’s the world’s most expensive private residence.

  • Cornhole Scholars: Winthrop University just gave scholarships to a couple major bean baggers. This. Is. History.

    • This comes after Dartmouth’s mens basketball team voted to unionize. College Sports are changing.

  • Jack Paul & Mike Tyson are going to duke it out live on Netflix.

From last week:

Last week we asked…

For next week:

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  • The Economist: Ideal for that outside perspective on the USA and the rest of the world but via a weekly physical magazine we can settle in with. Latest favorite Economist article? The history of great conversation:

    • What it says: The rules of conversation haven’t changed in 200 years according to The Economist, citing some of the greatest conversationalists. Interrupting someone has been rude since 44BC. And good conversation required “alternation” among participants. And two cardinal rules from Cicero's list: remember people's names, and be a good listener.

What’s the picture in the background of the TBOY logo? Hint: It’s the new thin.

  • Adam Sandler was named the highest-paid actor of 2023 at $73M, ahead of Margot Robbie (#2) and Tom Cruise (#3).

    • How’d he do it? With 0 traditional releases, 3 Netflix films, and 44 stand-up shows. Murder Mystery 2 was the 5th most watched movie on Netflix within the 1st 6 months. That’s why Netflix signed him to a $250M deal in 2020.

  • To think like Jeff Bezos: The most important question about the future is what won’t change. What’s will change in 10 years is exciting but hard to predict. That’s why betting on what stays the same is a better investment.

    • Interview with Jeff Bezos mentioned on the pod.

  • When you’re wondering what went wrong: The idea can be right even if the execution is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a relaunch.

  • For parents (not from the pod): In the baby stage, birthdays are just as much for the parents as the kids. So pop that bottle of champagne. We sure did.

  • Business: Kohl’s, Ulta Beauty, and Volkswagen announce Q4 earnings

  • Holiday: Daylight Savings springs forward Saturday night, Ramadan begins Sunday night

  • Entertainment: The Oscars tomorrow at 7 pm ET on ABC

  • Sports: NCAA Basketball Conference Champs all week

Jump in TBOY-style to our daily podcast (we’ve got video)

🚕 🤖 SPECIAL Monday Ep: We recorded an entire podcast from inside a self-driving taxi in San Francisco. We had an absolute blast. You should watch on YouTube.

👂 Tuesday: How much money Caitlin Clark already makes (before turning pro) thanks to her NIL deals

👂 Wednesday: The real winner of Dune Part II

👂 Thursday: Why many restaurants are not allowing parties of 6+

👂 Friday: You can own stock in Beyonce’s “Halo”

👂 Saturday (dropping today): Our 1st Stock Market Snooze Pod (to help ya sleep)

 👀 Monday: There’s 1 product that has defied inflation more than any other…

Answer: It’s the New York Times’ latest word search game, Strands. The love child of Wordle and Connections just went into beta so you can play.

And one more thing. If you want to see a picture of Jack 36 years ago, (and his baby doppelgänger, aka Brooks, Jack’s 1-year old) — reply BIRTHDAY BABY.

🎂 🐣

—Nick & Jack

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