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Vol. 15

Happy Saturday Besties,

Mother’s Day is T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W. You know what to do, but if you don’t…

This week’s newsletter is 20% of the best of the pod and 80% things we had to share off the record. 

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1 stock making moves

Photo credit: PureWow

🔺 Hinge is rising while Match, Tinder & Bumble are all falling. (Note: Match Group owns Match, Tinder, and Hinge)

  • Who’s paying??? Apparently no one. Tinder’s paying users are down 9%, while Hinge has grown 31% vs. the previous year. Back in “cuffing season,” Hinge said they were setting up a date every 2 seconds. 😍

  • There’s been a shift in dating app culture. Gen Z is looking for more serious relationships (a Hinge value prop) vs. casual hookups (Tinder’s original reputation… which it’s trying to disassociate from).

  • The numbers: The app’s gone from $1M in revenue per year to $400M in just 5 years. The CEO said that Hinge’s next goal is to hit $1 billion/year.

The *best visual from the week

Gen Z is on the rise like boba tea.

Graphic credit: The Economist

More Zs, less Booms: The number of Gen Zs in the workforce full-time is about to pass Boomers. The generation is becoming more influential too with 6,000+ chief execs and 1,000 politicians.

  • And Gen Z Jenny is making bank: The typical 25-year-old Gen Z'er has an annual household income of over $40K – That’s 50% higher than Boomers had at the same age (acc. to The Economist). You see the prices on those Olivia Rodrigo tix?

The Takeaway: Get to know (and get to love) Gen Z.

Photo Credit: Apple

W.W.SJ.D. What Would Steve Jobs Do…

🥬 The People are outraged with Apple’s latest ad released earlier this week.

  • The new iPad Pro commercial showed a hydraulic press literally crushing trumpets, artwork, and other creative marvels into a thin iPad. It was a metaphor for the creative potential inside the 5.1 millimeter tech — Apple’s thinnest product ever.

  • Butttt… it also looked like a metaphor for AI crushing human creative work (ya don’t have to squint to see that).

  • Following the criticism, Apple apologized and said it will not run the ad on TV. But the point’s been made…at the time of this writing, it’s got almost 2M views in 3 days.

Last week we asked: Did you make the "first move" in your present or most recent relationship?

We got some beautiful love stories. Keep ‘em coming.

  • 🤦🏻‍♀️ I told him I loved him and he responded ‘Like as a Friend?’…. We are married now.”

  • 😁I surprised him with a kiss while at a party. We’ve been together almost 10 years. I refuse to be the one to close the deal since I started it lol. But he did ask me about rings last night…”

  • 😍 “I kept asking this girl to go out on a date. Our circle of friends had friends in common so we would see each other and every time I saw her, I would ask her out. She had a boyfriend so I understood her ‘no’ responses. But, I only said when it doesn’t work out, give me a call. Fast forward 15 years, I had moved into to Chicago, got a new job and then, out of the blue, I got a random text from guess who. That week, we went on own first date on Friday, second date that Sunday, and for the third date, I took her to St Thomas for 5 days. We were married 6 months later. It all started with her text to me ”

The Takeaway: Just make the move. Pick up the phone. Don’t delay. Call the one today. 😉

This week’s poll question: Do you have Summer Fridays?

Do you have summer Fridays?

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1 thing we read (and think you should too)

Photo credit: No Mercy / No Malice

The Algebra of Wealth is the latest book by Scott Galloway. Jack’s reading it right now. There are 1000 more lines worth sharing, but here are our Takeaways from Prof. G —

  • 🧘‍♀️ Focus on what matters. Follow your talent, not your passion. Focus on your relationships — essential for long-term happiness. The most important relationship is with your spouse. Marry the right person, and then invest in that relationship every day.

  • ☺️ Be stoic in the fact of temptation. Means having good character. Succeeding in life is much easier if other people want you to succeed.

  •  Use time to your advantage. Squander money, you may earn it back. Squander time, it’s gone forever.

  • 💰 Diversify your investments. Scott says — “Most of my major mistakes in investing can be distilled down to two things: not diversifying, and trading.”

The #1 Takeaway: You can have a ton of money and still not be rich.

1 fact ya gotta know

Photo Credit: Pop Tarts

😋 The new Pop-Tarts movie, Unfrosted is out on Netflix. Jerry Seinfeld produced, directed, starred in it (and ate the lead character) with other big name stars including Amy Schumer. Understandably, the movie has some truth and some untruth.

But this is the real history of Pop Tarts —

  • Post actually made the toaster pastry first. The cereal company invented Toast’em Pop Ups (originally called Country Squares) in the late 1960s. The partially dehydrated-tart-wrapped-in-foil concept was Post’s idea first.

  • Then Kellogg rushed to make a competitor in 1964. The name “fruit scones” was considered but the final name, Pop Tarts, was inspired by Pop Art (popular in the ‘60s). And after beating Post’s name with simplicity…Pop Tarts became a hit.

The Takeaway: Shakespeare asked “what’s in a name.” Pop-Tarts answered.

1 insight to share with your Bestie

“The best way to change human behavior is to charge for it.”

  • “The Flake Fee” is when you’re charged for cancelling an appointment at the last second — and it’s the first fee we actually agree with.*

  • The data shows that no-shows fell by 50% when people had to pay in advance. The thing about human behavior is that when there’s money on the line, humans behave better. And since businesses often can’t find a new customer to fill the reservation/appointment you cancelled last second, we get why they need The Flake Fee.

👀 Here’s the full story about the surge in cancelled appointment fees and why we’re for ‘em.

*We still hate most other fees, including the dreaded Fee Fee.

  • National Days: National Bike to Work Day (Fri)

  • Pop Culture/Entertainment: 77th Cannes Film Festival (Starts Tues.)

  • Sports: PGA Championship (Thurs.)

  • Holidays: Mother’s Day is t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w

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👂 Friday: The best thing to happen to pineapples….is $400 pink pineapples

👀 Monday: The best financial stat we’ve ever seen…is from a glasses brand.

And one more thing. We just wrapped up another fantastic week in NYC. If you want BTS on the trip, reply TAXI.

🎬 🎬

—Nick & Jack

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