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The Best Newsletter Yet

Vol. 17

Happy Saturday Besties,

We may be getting new emojis this summer. 🚨⭐️👨‍🌾😲🦑

On July 2nd, seven new emoji candidates are up for approval. Here’s the new additions and when to use them.

  • a harp — when you want to calm the group chat after the Mavs game

  • a tired face with eyebags — when asked if you picked up Chipotle

  • a leafless tree — when you just shaved your legs

  • a shovel — when you need to bury a mistake

  • a beet — when your blood is pumping like Dwight Schrute

  • a fingerprint — the alternative to saying “pics or it didn’t happen”

  • a splat — when dropped it. All of it.

This week’s newsletter is 5% of the best of the pod and 95% things we had to share off the record. 

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1 stock making moves

Image credit: E.l.f marketing campaign

🔺 E.l.f. Beauty stock jumped 22% last week after reporting its first $1 billion year. #glowup

  • Eyes. Lips. Face = E.l.f. Now you know...

  • The beauty brand has a winning strategy. The key: Operation Youths — targeting Gen Alpha & Gen Z. It specifically won’t raise the price on their $3 lipstick (despite inflation) as a signal of customer commitment💄. Plus, it had the most viral marketing campaign on TikTok #eyeslipsface so it has a reputation.

  • Unheard of numbers: The cosmetic brand has grown for a stunning 21 consecutive quarters. But can they sustain this?

  • Millennials, Men & International: In the fall, E.l.f acquired skincare brand Naturium. The price point is higher to go “up-generation” and appeal to Millennials… and dudes — Its userbase is 40% men. Soon, it’ll be in Ulta too.

BTW — if anyone has a go-to men’s makeup brand, asking for a friend…

The *best visual from the week

The WSJ just revealed the highest-paid CEOs of 2023 — And exec pay is at a (shocker) record high…

  • The caveat: Stock compensation makes up the bulk of pay. And stocks across the board are at record highs. So Chipotle’s CEO got a $22M pay package… but with $CMG stock up, the equity portion of the package is now worth $52M (guac is still extra).

Chart credit: Wall Street Journal; Data source: MyLogIQ (pay), ISS (shareholder return)

So you’re in-the-know on the most game-changing story of the week

Not just for the wealthy: An Ozempic copycat hit the market. Same active ingredient, but 85% lower price. Maker Hims & Hers’ stock shot up 30% on the news.

  • Here’s the steal: Hims & Hers' (an online pharmacy) is offering a $199/month generic version of the $1,350/mo Ozempic. How can they do this?

  • A legal loophole: Pharmacies are allowed by law to copycat patented drugs if there’s a shortage of that drug (which there is for Ozempic & Wegovy). It’s basically government-sanctioned patent infringement known as “compounding”.

  • But is building a biz on a loophole business savvy? On the upside: Loopholes offer a fresh business opportunity in the market. On the downside: Loopholes are temporary, and customers can get upset when they're inevitably closed.

  • Case in point: When the Ozempic shortage ends, Hims & Hers will have to shut down their copycat version and point customers to the full-priced OG.

Last week we asked…and there was a tie 😮😮

And these were the best comments yet…

  • 🤑 “20% more and we can talk!”

  • 🩷 “Met my best friend AND my husband at work. When it’s good, it’s good”

  • 🙊 “25%+ and I’ll ditch my friends lol”

Next week we want to know: Do you shop online during the workday?

Do you shop online more during the workday or after?

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1 thing we read (and think you should too)

Photo credit: Meta.ai

Summer drink season begins this weekend. If you’re looking to try the “it” bevy this season, AdAge whipped up a list of 8 summer drinks you’ll see filling Yeti coolers. 🍹 Some of the themes…

  • Hispanic flavors: From mezcal to Modelo, the growing hispanic population is attracting new taste-makers.

  • Tequila-based: Thanks to Cutwater, the king of clear is winning. For the 1st time ever, Tequila beat whiskey as the top-selling spirit in America in 2023. Taylor Swift is already on it. And Travis Kelce is invested

  • Edgy seltzers: Plain Jane seltzers are soo last year, but seltzers with personality aren’t.

  • Low ABV: The NA category grew 30%+ last year, according to NielsenIQ. So drinks like Miller Extra Light are thinking they can do the same…but different.

🥤 We made our own Drink of the 2024 Summer Prediction in Thursday’s episode using 3 trend-forecasting strategies (trigger warning: wine connoisseurs may be offended).

1 fact ya gotta know

According to a recent Harris Poll

  • Stat #1: 55% of people believe the economy is in a recession.

  • Stat #2: 49% think the current unemployment rate is at a 50-year high.

  • But looking at the data: The majority’s belief about the state of the US economy is incorrect — America’s economy is actually the strongest of all developed nations right now, with unemployment near a 50-year low.

  • The Truth: It’s hard to find “good news” and accurate news on business, economics, and finance. So share this fantastic data (or this newsletter) with a buddy today (maybe even Buddy Timmy).

👉 Got a fact you want in this newsletter or on the pod? Submit it here. 

1 insight to share with your Bestie

"Love the one you're with." Stephen Stills sang that song lyric, but we think it applies to anyone running a company too…

  • Business wise: Data shows that the person most likely to buy your product is your existing customer.

  • A personal example: Our core product is a daily podcast. When we’re considering a new product, the first people we should offer it to are existing Yetis (that’s why our new “TBOY Hotline” podcast is created mainly for existing listeners to enjoy).

  • It’s easier to double your sales with a second product to your existing customer than it is to sell that product to an entirely new group. Crosby, Stills, & Nash (and probably even Young) would agree.

👀 Here’s the story that inspired this Takeaway… and how Sonos is targeting these headphones to 1 person only.

  • Sports: Indy 500 (Sun.), US Women’s Open Golf (Starts Thurs.)

  • Holidays: Memorial Day (Mon.), Ntl. Wine Day (Sat)

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👀 Tuesday (no pod Monday): The best way to Black Friday… is at 11 am every Friday.

And one more thing…We attended Advertising Upfronts in NYC a couple weeks back, here are some pics with fellow podcasters. Then we celebrated “ceremoniously” a TBOY secret project win — we haven’t told anyone it…but maybe we’ll drop it here first (let us know if you think we should). How do we “ceremoniously” celebrate a win: when the babies go to sleep, we FaceTime and have a nice drink with a toast, East Coast to West coast. #CTW

This weekend: Nick’s driving down to Santa Barbara and Jack’s heading to Long Island. Highlights coming at ya next week (no Goop sightings quite yet). Stay tuned. Happy MDW.


—Nick & Jack

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