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The Best Newsletter Yet

Vol. 7

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Happy Saturday Besties,

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how you celebrate:

  • Grab a Lavender Oatmilk Matcha from Starbs — It gives Lucky Charms cereal milk vibes.

  • Search for 4-leaf clovers. Try to beat Gabi’s World Record: 451 in 1 hour.

  • Crack open an Athletic Irish Red 0.0% after a hard day’s search.

  • Turn on College Basketball Selection Sunday. Ready your pot o’ gold bracket.

  • Finish off the Thin Mints you left in the freezer to celebrate the Irish.

Historically, stocks rise 80% of the time on St Paddy’s Day… but that’s just luck.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ We released something special yesterday, TBOY Hotline Episode 1. You asked us questions, and we answered. Jack told us his 3-box checklist for career decision-making, Nick confessed his stock-hoarding hobby. This was a blast for us.

This week’s newsletter is 20% of the best of the pod and 80% things we had to share off the record. 

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  • 🔻 Fisker is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, its stock fell 54% last week. That comes after YouTuber Marques Brownlee test-drove a Fisker and published a review: “This is the worst car I’ve ever reviewed.” It’s been viewed 4.6M times. Pour on the gas.

  • 🔺 Dick’s Sporting Goods blasted past its all-time high, jumping 15% on Thursday. The stock is up more than 4x since pre-pandemic as Dick’s cranks out 50% more sales than 5 years ago. Next, the sporting line will open 100 new “House of Sport” experiential stores by 2027.

  •  🔻 Adidas: TheYe” breakup/drama pushed Adidas to another loss in 2023. The label is still selling its remaining Yeezy stock and donating the majority of it.

1 visual for you to digest

  • Throwback to 4 years ago “COVID”, “pandemic”, “social distancing”, and “6 feet” all entered our vocabulary in March 2020. The S&P 500 fell more than 30% in one month — but if you panic-sold your stock then, you would’ve missed out on 122% of gains since 👇.

The Takeaway: There’s power in not panicking.

1 wild thing that exists

  • The World Wide Web’s inventor wrote an open letter for the internet’s 35th birthday (born in March 1989). He called for us to “overturn the online world being dictated by profit to one that is dictated by the needs of humanity.”

    • Also, this is the first-ever website #basic

  • 1 TikTok vote down, 1 to go. The US House of Reps voted 352-65 to force TikTok’s owners to sell the company to a non-Chinese buyer within 180 days or get banned. Now it goes to the Senate — complicating the vote is intense lobbying, demands from young voters not to ban the app, and former President Trump’s reversal to become pro-TikTok.

  • Kate Middleton Update: To quell rumors about the Princess of Wales well-being, she posted the Mother’s Day photo that broke the internet — and totally backfired. Instagram now notes the photo is “altered.” 

Last week we asked: Do you have push notifications on? And respondents said…

This week: Is 8am too early for a meeting?

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1 wild thing that exists

Credit: SXSW

  • See your past, and encounter your future through the Tulpamancer. You sit down at a computer terminal, put on a VR headset, and have a dreamlike experience in a world created uniquely for you. The “tulpa” leads you through virtual scenes that bring up your memories and your future questions.

(BTW….if you’re saying WTF is SXSW) 

1 go-to research spot highlighted

Credit: Women’s Wear Daily

  • Women’s Wear Daily: We frequent this source and credit it for finds like Under Armour’s CEO change up to the new plant-based material, flur (it’s the mob wife effect). This is Nick’s fave 5am read. 🛍️

1 thing we read (and think you should too)

  • Trung Phan’s “The economics of The Economist” — we recommended The Economist in a recent newsletter as a resource (we actually get the old school paper one delivered 🗞️). This article digs into what makes certain content/media outlets better than others. And apparently, the key is the puns.

Pro Tip: The old school OG paper Economist… we still get it delivered weekly 🗞️

1 fact ya gotta know

Photo Credit: Travel & Leisure

  • Chicago goes Green: Each St. Paddy’s day since 1962, Chicago dyes its river green. These days, the city uses vegetable-based powder for a more eco-friendly way to turn the water bright green for a few days. Chicago, always doing logistics.

1 insight to implement (and share with your bestie)

  • For your sanity…

    • Delete Slack from your phone. If someone needs you off hours, they’ll call/text.

    • Turn off the camera. It takes energy to be smiley all day. So if it’s 7:49 am, or 5 pm on a Friday don’t be naked, but don’t think twice about turning the camera off.

    • Take a walk. If it’s late on a Friday, get some fresh air and take the call from your phone.

    Check out 41:06 from our Hotline Episode for more advice from us.

  • Business: Earnings next week for Nike, FedEx, Lululemon, and General Mills

  • Holiday: St. Paddy’s Day (tomorrow), Spring Equinox (Wednesday)

  • Sports: NCAA Selection Sunday (tomorrow). Tip off is Tuesday.

Jump in TBOY-style to our daily podcast (we’ve got video)

👂 Monday: Our election take on the TikTok drama

👂 Tuesday: The huge investing lesson from the pandemic

👂 Wednesday: Airbnb’s update that’s good for guests, bad for creepers

👂 Thursday: The most innovative product at SXSW: 3D-printed homes

⭐️ Friday (TBOY HOTLINE Ep. 1): Why you should job jump and other Q’s answered by Nick & Jack

 👀 Next Monday: We answer the biggest business question of the year: If TikTok must be sold, who should buy it?

And one more thing (okay 2). We were in NYC this past week (a special city for us). Want some context to what we were up to there? Reply “NYC DEETZ” and we’ll give ya the scoop.

If you have a question (or need advice), email us a voicemail at [email protected] to be featured on Ep. 2 of TBOY Hotline. We’re here for ya, Yetis.

—Nick & Jack

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